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     The Tour

    Team Zaryen conducted soccer clinics for wounded American service members at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center (WRNMMC) in Bethesda, Md., and DC United soccer practice fields at RFK Stadium October 17-19, 2011. Team Zaryen also conducted a clinic for school children Oct. 20 at Trinity Catholic High School in Stamford, Conn.

  •  The Team

    Team Zaryen was conceived after Wilfrid Macena survived the 2010 earthquake in Haiti and received a prosthetic limb through the collaborative efforts of the Knights of Columbus and Project Medishare. Being Project Medishare’s first amputee patient, Macena immediately began running and kicking soccer balls with his regained mobility.

    In September 2010, he formed a soccer team of amputee patients as a way of encouraging others in similar situations to overcome the challenge of losing a limb and to continue partaking in sports. The team was also formed to help eradicate the stigma that is attached to those suffering from a physical disability in Haiti.

    The team decided upon the name Zaryen, which is Creole for tarantula, because the tarantula is known to continuously attack, regardless if it is wounded. The team’s logo depicts a tarantula that is missing a leg as a symbol of their will to persevere through the difficulties.

    The goal of this team is to show all Haitians that amputees have no limits in ability. In Haiti, people with disabilities are generally seen as outcasts and that’s a perception that Team Zaryen is working hard to change.

  •  The Mission

    When the Knights of Columbus and Project Medishare began the “Healing Haiti’s Children” program in 2010, an initiative to supply every child who lost a limb in the Haitian earthquake with free prosthetics and physical therapy, their goal was to give the next generation of Haitians the freedom of mobility. In healing the wounded limbs that might otherwise have been a barrier in life, the program offered a way for these young people to live without limits.

    Now, in the fall of 2011, the Knights of Columbus and Project Medishare are partnering on a special initiative to showcase the unlimited potential of Haiti’s youth. The two organizations are proud to be hosting Team Zaryen, a Haitian amputee soccer team founded by the first prosthetic recipient of the Healing Haiti’s Children program, to compete, teach, and inspire on a first of its kind tour in the U.S.

    Team Zaryen

    In Haitian culture, the handicapped are often treated as a burden, or as second-class citizens. Team Zaryen, through the players’ determination, skill and physical prowess on the soccer field, is helping to change that.

    During this U.S. tour, the proud amputee athletes of Team Zaryen hope to give back to the American military that was quick to step in and provide emergency relief and security following the January 2010 earthquake in Haiti. The team will conduct soccer clinics for wounded American soldiers at Walter Reed Army Medical Center. Their hope is to share with them their enthusiasm for amputee soccer along with lessons they’ve learned in dealing with some of the same newfound challenges.

    The “Haitian Inspiration Tour” will help make clear that charity is truly life changing and transformative.

Story of Team Zaryen and Healing Haiti's Children

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